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Penguin’s eggs ppa

To build this ppa I follow this assafmo guide. I was not able to include all architectures in this repository, and it is a pity, becouse can be great for i386 users. If you can help to include the i386, arm64 and armel versions in this repository, you are really welcome.

Build the repository

Security and list

gpg --import ../piero.proietti-my-private-key.asc 
gpg --armor --export > KEY.gpg
echo "deb ./" > penguins-eggs-ppa.list

Update debs

Add the deb files in the root

dpkg-scanpackages --multiversion . > Packages
gzip -k -f Packages
apt-ftparchive release . > Release
gpg --default-key -abs -o - Release > Release.gpg
gpg --default-key  --clearsign -o - Release > InRelease

git add -A
git commit
git push

Usage of the repository

Copy and paste in a terminal window the following two lines

wget -O- | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/penguins-eggs-ppa-keyring.gpg
curl -s --compressed "" | sudo apt-key add -
sudo curl -s --compressed -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/penguins-eggs-ppa.list ""

Now you can install and upgrade eggs from standard apt commands, remember sudo apt update

Help wanted

Probably it is not so difficult to arrange a repository for eggs with all the supported architectures: amd64, i386, arm64 and armel, but I’m not able at the momenti, someone can help?